Sunday, November 7, 2010

My PGH FSAd experience

After almost two weeks of exhausting workk at the Food Service Administration Division of the PGH's Dietary Department, I am finally getting 3 weeks worth of vacation! Woohoo!

So as some may have already known, I am taking my hospital dietetics practicum at the Philippine General Hospital. It was quite tiring, to think that we were not given enough time to rest after our equally exhausting first semester. We were assigned to do numerous stuff everyday but I can say I sort of enjoyed every single day I spent on the FSAd. The dietitians who supervised us were really kind and they were great in teaching us everything we need to know about the department's food service operations. We even had the chance t have hands on experience on their day-to-day operations and it was awesome. Although I still can't say I'm already loving food service as a field, I'm happy that at least I was able to really enjoy doing real-life FS stuff for the first time.

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